Now the QQ starts

Ok so the top raiding guild on the planet has downed the new content up to the second to last boss. They did it on normal mode (there’s a hard mode version as well). They’ll have been in the PTR, they’ll also be complaining now about how easy it was and how Blizzard should be making the instances tuned for their level of kit and skill.

Guys, you’re good, you’re very very good.

Now do you seriously think that Blizzard are going to build content which only the top 1-2% of their player base can access? Seriously? No.. I mean it, do you seriously think that they’re going to tune things for you.

Speaking as a fellow player who stumps up his cash I love this expansion for the access it’s giving us “normal” players to the content. Hell our tiny guild is still working on the 5-man content.

So congratulations but please keep in mind that you are the top of the pile, and that there are millions of other players out there who are also dropping Blizzard their cash each month.

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