Yet another case of police stupidity when it comes to photography

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4 Responses to Yet another case of police stupidity when it comes to photography

  1. paramountplaces says:

    very nice interesting .

  2. paramountplaces says:

    this is unreal man .

  3. korenmolen says:

    different strokes for different folks – here M was told that he has to have his passport (as his ID document, because he has no ID document) about his person at all times, as a Dutch citizen. This is considered perfectly normal. I have not investigated whether I am required to have ID documentation on my person, and at what age ID becomes compuslory. Is citizenship/residence and/or nationality important, or merely presence in a particular country…

    The datanet for officials seems a lot more organised here as well. I do feel more exposed. I sense “none of your business” is not a satisfactory response in UK or NL…

  4. Korenwolf says:

    However there isn’t a history in this country of having to keep papers about your person to prove your identity to the ‘authorities’ on demand, and note that the definition of authority is changing. There are changes being gradually rolled out where such as bouncers (once they’ve been through the right training) are given the legal powers to issue fixed penalty fines (minimal due process going on there, instant ‘justice’).

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