Levelling at the speed of pwn…

So, namtar is now 79 and pounding to 80 at a high rate of knots (600k XP in an hour or so last night), “dear gods” and “how”.

Easy. Cyclone Battlegroup and Alterac Valley. AV is a regular win for the Alliance on Cyclone (just never mention Warsong to me… ok?) and the XP is impressive. For each major element of the win at 79 it’s over 19k XP.

So that’s Galv, Drek and the four towers, plus some additional XP for the win itself. Somewhere around 110k honour or so a BG, add in the shoulders….

I admit this is the easy mode PvP toon (DK), however she’s still in her L72 questing greens and blues having not got half way through the Grizzly Hills yet.

PvP levelling, it’s PvP but it’s fast.

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