Trial of the Crusader, Anub’arak (Final Boss)

Eveyone is talking about him, so here’s my thoughts.

As bosses go he’s pretty simple, it’s mostly a tank and spank, remember to stand on the white when he’s burrowed, keep together during that phase to make life easier for the tank collecting the adds.

Now… the final phase. As a healer this phase goes against everything I’ve trained myself to do, healers we all know how things go, we look at grid|healbot, see glowing badness of some description and heal the hell out of those who are hurting. It’s what we do.

It’s wrong.

He casts a leaching attach which drains 10% of the remaining health from each raid member healing himself

healing == bad.

It’s hard work holding off from performing anything except the most essential healing, watching those health bars dwindle and hoping against hope that there isn’t a damage spike which can’t be reacted to.

So healers, learn to love damage in the final phase, it’s actually our friend, and if you can lob in some damage. It’s not as if we’re doing anything else.

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