Ensidia vs Arthas

I guess given the amount of noise out there that I could add to the cpu cycles being burnt on this subject. So Ensidia killed Arthas using a bug in the encounter on 25 man, certain items which do siege damage were causing the platform to rebuild. This is how they got their kill and Blizz have decided that they exploited the encounter, banhammer, loss of achievement flag and lots of QQ from Ensidia, most of which comes across as bitchy whining.

Ensidia do have form, Blizz have decided in the past not to wallop them one for admiting they exploited encounters, this was a mistake by Blizz. Blizz own the universe as far as Warcraft is concerned and you can be sure that they looked at the logs from all the Ensidia attempts, and I personally suspect that they monitored the use of the engineering bombs and have made their decision based on that information.

Given that Ensidia tout themselves as the world leading WoW raiding guild and that they are a group all raiders look up to (yeah… right), then they know they need to be whiter than white, they know they are being monitored. Hell I would think it would hurt their professional pride to get the kill using what they know is a bug. Surely they want to get the kill cleanly, or are they really just a bunch of players after the kill regardless of the cost and method?

So Ensidia, I find it hard to believe you didn’t notice the platform reforming, and that you didn’t think that dropping damage on it resulted in more platform not less wasn’t a problem.

You got caught, you got punished, someone else got the clean world first. Now suck it up and act like the professionals you claim you are.

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