A week in ICC25

A week of highs, lows and missed raids. Wednesday was good progress, we mashed through the first four bosses without any problems, this little tree spent his time waving branches and running around like a loon. As is normal for trees. We got our first look at the "heal the dragon" boss, it’s an interesting fight which depends on the dragon healers getting into the portals, getting a green orb quickly and making sure that they get an orb within the last few seconds of the dream.

To misquote a (in)famous raid leader "many orb stacks, handle it!"

Friday was a washout thanks to work being hell and feeling rough.

Saturday raiding happened, the Council got nuked (though messy), and Putri mashed our faces some more, still felt like hell.

Missed the Sunday ICC10 raid thanks to spending most of the day either in bed or lying on the couch listening to B5.

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