Buccaneers raid shopping list

Only looking at the 10-man list.

  • Naxx – Mostly cleared
  • OS – Eight manned it
  • EoE – Should have a look if only to get the achievement ticked off
  • Ulduar – Cleared up to and including Crazy Cat lady
  • Ulduar hardmodes – When we get bored 🙂
  • Onyxia – Reckon we should have a look at her
  • Trial – Once Ulduar is cleared?
  • Trial heroic
  • Icecrown
  • Icecrown heroic
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4 Responses to Buccaneers raid shopping list

  1. korenmolen says:

    I was wondering – I know it is not challenging to do Naxx – but could we complete the whole thing? Just for the achievement points?

    And – if we don’t die that much, then it’s gold in the bank. If we didn’t die *at all* because we were really good.. then it would be undying…..

    Not sure about the U(HM) stuff – I don’t think our team likes wiping much, and prefers zerging encounters. I could be wrong, but I think that there is a difference between coasting through and looking at the scenery – and the wipe-wipe-wipe of getting to grips with an encounter in the HM setting. And it takes some getting used to. And funds. etc etc.

  2. Korenwolf says:

    Agreed, when looking at where to go and what to hit I’m balancing the difficulty of the encounter, how likely we are to wipe repeatedly and what the return is (loot / achievements etc etc).

    Therefore on the priority shopping list are

    *) EoE
    *) Sarth (ticky box for Sangamon)
    *) KT (ticky box for Sangamon)
    *) The keepers

    • korenmolen says:

      oh, and there is some nice loot in ony10 – an agi/stam weapon that is on Ariciel’s shopping list – and I think probably would be on Siyaras as well… Ari has still got her ilvl 200, Argent tournament staff – which although good, could be better.

  3. korenmolen says:

    Having looked at wow-heroes, I see that both sangamon and oxana are geared for icc10….

    I’d like to finish the ruby drake set though – and that is only on heroic level.

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