Valentines Day Massacre

The Buccaneers came, we saw and we kicked arse.

Anub’rekan went down first, one shot before the first swarm, thank you very much that’s five frosties.

Then.. Ulduar… Flame Leviathan, Ignis and Razorscale went down without a problem. The council gave us some fun but I think out of the 10 only three of us had seen the fight before and from experience on the raiding tree dialing in the mana usage on the healing is a critical part of the balancing act.

Kolagarn, hello Mr Loot bot, no you didn’t drop the trinket for the priest.

Crazy Cat Lady, thank you for dying, particularly after the god awful pull I did (kitties mashed me as I was out of line of sight), the bear stayed up long enough for a battle res to land on me and get RF running… then… I remember hitting, taunting and generally running around until she fell over.

Korenwolf finally managed to replace the shield from Culling, about time.

Bloody good effort for the Buccaneers, next on the agenda is the four watchers. They’ll be fun…

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