Onyxia… musings

In which your humble RL learns more about what rogues can do and when to flip the makeup of the group around.  A couple of wipes and a kill, not bad and some lessons learnt on how to deal with her when we have a non-optimal group.

  • Rogues can rock at the AoE damage thing, stick them on the whelp packs
  • Therefore.. AoE ranged isn’t as needed
  • Ranged can therefore focus on big and ugly who’s floating above the raid
  • The healer lurking on the edge of the area up beyond the left cave can see the whelps spawning (name plates ftw) and give early warning.
  • Put the raid healer up with the melee camp and have the tank healer follow the ranged camp as they nuke Onyx during phase 2

Boss dies, loot gets shared out, some goes to the guild for general gearing purposes, all is good.  Boss gets skinned and we leave the place nice and tidy.

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