Azeroth, the home of change

Blizzard LogoPretty much everything in the original classic Azeroth is changing, the world is being ripped apart and rebuilt.  A massive undertaking, we’re getting new quest lines, the rewards are being re-worked, this is earth shattering.  What about all the old content, where is it going?  Away is the simple answer, more likely stored in the code repositories at Blizz Central, never to be seen again except in screen shots.

There is already wailing and gnashing of teeth over this, however it misses a major point of WoW, it’s about change.  When we buy Warcraft 1/2/3, Starcraft, Sims, Civilisation etc etc then we’re getting a fixed world, some expansions might tweak it but those changes are rarely game changing, they save those for the major game versions.

WoW evolves in a way those games don’t but it follows the same model.  We get the incremental changes during the expansions, where the new raid instances and dungeons are dropped, we get the game changing events at the expansions packs.  The big difference is we can never go back, we can’t delete the game and just install up to expansion three, we have to live with the world as Blizz have defined it right now, it’s a living world.

Enjoy the changes.

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