Should the tank let the dps die?

Or, “you pulled it, you tank the damm thing!”

Following on from the discussion from Blog Azeroth on healers letting people die to their own stupid it struck me that the same question applies equally to the tank.

So, should I as a tank in a 5-man heroic (or indeed any other 5-man content) let the dps eat some floor because they keep pulling aggro of me.  It’s tempting I have to admit, particularly when it’s happening throughout the entire run, there are things all DPS can do to control their aggro (or not), I’m aware of just how much some classes are aggro magnets.

Just as I spend the first couple of pulls in a run working out how much damage the DPS are throwing, how the healer is doing on their mana / keeping everyone topped up so the dps should also be looking at how the tank is pulling, how much threat they’re able to dump onto the mobs before ripping into them with as much AoE as they can for the pretty pretty numbers.  So any DPS which keep ripping aggro know what they’re doing and knows the risks.  When tanking I will be doing my best to keep control of the mobs but I’m sorry to say there are things known as cooldowns and the GCD.  I may not have a taunt / AoE taunt spare to use, particularly if aggro is being ripped a lot.

Will I leave a mob on a player, no, it goes against everything I’ve been doing for the last two years as a tank.  If something isn’t hitting me I consider that to be a fault which must be corrected, I will be trying to recollect that mob as soon as I can, but if you’re a cloth wearer who keeps taking my toys then at some point I will not be able to get it back before it starts nomming on your face, you had better hope the healer is wanting to heal…

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2 Responses to Should the tank let the dps die?

  1. Kayla says:

    As a long time healer, it goes against the grain with me to allow any player to die. I feel guilty when even a single DPS dies, whether that be in a 5-man dungeon or a 25-man raid. It’s my job to keep everyone alive, dammit.

    That said, there are times when someone annoys me in some way – inability to control their aggro, attitude, dumping aggro whilst standing next to me (*grrr*) an so forth. But while my head is saying “No healz for you!” My fingers have already hit the key combos and everyone is healed as fast as I can regardless of who they are. I sometimes have to remind myself that “DPS do NOT get my ‘oh shit!’ heals with the long cooldowns, those are for the tank (and sometimes for me).”

    I see health bars that are not full as a personal failing in many ways. Especially with the way the current expansion has been going where we are pushed to keep everyone topped-up at all times. Gods only know how I am going to cope with the changes to that mechanic in Cata when, as I understand it, we’re not going to have the luxury of either the time or the resources to do that.

  2. korenmolen says:

    There’s a difference though – when I hit Blizzard, I know that it is highly likely that I will pull off a mob – I do so at my own risk.

    When my dots keep taking me over the tank’s threat on a single target, then that’s a problem. I can either start to paint my nails, or hit a CD and hope that threat is re-established in time.

    I really like the tanks who mark up in PuGs, who move the mobs out of the muck on the ground, who produce enough threat to stop the Bigmob from moving halfway across the room, and then back again (so frustrating as melee)and who mark up the mobs in damage priority – spellcasters first, etc.

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