Cataclysm: Goblins (spoilers)

Or as they are more properly known “Cute little horde gnomes”, anyway that bit of Horde baiting aside I have to confirm that Blizzard does indeed love the horde and the Goblin zone rocks.

So the high points

  • Hotrod, I want the engineering pattern for my Dwarf, it rocks
  • Kezan, a good solid zone, lots of fun, the pacing is about right as is the build up to the main event
  • Knocking over the pedestrians, I suspect I could spend all day seeing if I can make goblins fly
  • Lost Isles, the pacing feels a little on the slow side to be honest, most of the quests are in sequential rather than parallel chains, however again the build up through the Pygmy attack, zombies and the volcano blowing is perfect.  First time through there is a definite build up of anticipation.
  • Working in the Horde (orcs, Thrall), nicely done.
  • The volcano and changes to the island…. wow…

Problems, as I mentioned above the pacing on the Lost Isles feels off until the pygmy attack kicks off, however speeding things up might break the build up of events towards the killing of the big fire turtle (it took me a moment or three to notice the entrance had caved in behind me and that it wasn’t going to despawn).

So, I will be rolling goblin when this ships, no I’m not going to faction change, I like the Alliance thank you very much, but goblins are huge amounts of fun.

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