We wiped on Meathook…

Yes boys and girls, you heard it right.  Meathook kicked us in the collective and we failed on the timed run in CoS Heroic.  “How can this happen” “noobs!” and so on I hear coming over the tangled wires of the interwebs.  Simple enough, we actually went in with a tank which was appropriately geared but one on which I’m still trying to remember where all the buttons are, two dps who had never seen the place before and a healer who is working out which heals to drop and when.

In other words, it was a challenge, none of this “I’ll just go pull half the gauntlet” for this group, careful pulling was the watchword, making sure that the dps were in the right place and tweaking the position of the mobs where necessary.  Thinking about what I was doing rather than relying on having a threat lead equal to that of Ghostcrawler announcing a change to retribution.

Will we be doing that again, hell yes!

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