The plan…

Yoggie, I have a message for you, the bucanners are coming and we’re going to kick your godly old arse back into the nether where it belongs.

At the moment we’re fielding around eight players (having the two newest guild members around is helping massively, though pretty much everything which drops is an upgrade for them at the moment [was it wrong to take them both into ICC10 with ave iLevel 120 gear?]), Ulduar is a pretty place, with the mix of gearing it’s possible to work through without too much pain.

After spending about 90 minutes being kicked in TotC (weekly) we pootled over to Ulduar and mashed through the first three bosses on the progression line (I’m going to keep razorscale & Ignis back as “we need something to kill after wiping” bosses).

Next week we aim for Crazy Cat Lady, Hodir and possibly a look at Mimi.

So, what can you do for the raid?

  • Enchant / gem / work out your rotation
  • Bring fish! šŸ™‚Ā  [Hell just providing uncooked is enough into the guild bank for someone else to cook up]
  • Bring flasks [or indeed herbs to make flasks, see above]
  • Some fights we can just gear our way through, others we’re going to wipe on, so ponder, contemplate and just think about killing that old god!
  • Youtube, wowwiki and so on, and I’m thinking particularly about the Mimiron fight, it’s a complex one.

So, warm up those DPS cannons, let’s kill us a raid instance.

Edit: Adding Onyxia onto the “when we need something different to die on” boss.

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4 Responses to The plan…

  1. korenmolen says:

    well, I would like to see the instance on Cresside, so will keep the time (and lock) to Ulduar 10 free for her.

    I *think* there are a few ItP people who read your blog and mine – did you want this to be a definite scheduled Plan, and to round up numbers? Some people might *help* or just *want* some HM achievements.

    • Korenwolf says:

      Based on the comments yesterday I think this is going to be a firm plan. My thoughts are “work through U10, on normal, get it dead”. If we then want to come back and work the hard modes once everyone has more confidence with the encounters then we’ll attack that as a separate plan.

      Spare slots, good people are always welcome, it’ll largely depend on who’s around for each run and actually I think in a month or two we’ll be having the problem of too many people online and not enough slots to deal with šŸ™‚

  2. Ariciel says:

    Ariciel is doing her nails[1] and will probably be bringing some more fish as well. Bannog just re-adjusted some stat priorities so is available For Great Justice!

    [1] Sharpening them, of course…

    • Korenwolf says:

      Ari is always good, and I reckon Malfeasant is viable, we just had the wrong make up, it would probably also have worked if I had swapped wubbles for ‘wolf in his healing form. Things were fine with the extra healing in the team.

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