Currency & Gear, pt2

The blues have been out giving us some more information on the currency changes, particularly the conversion rates

and the important bits are…

The following items are immediately converted to gold:

  • Emblem of Heroism = 5.5 gold each
  • Emblem of Valor = 5.5 gold each
  • Emblem of Conquest = 5.5 gold each
  • Badge of Justice = 1.833 gold each

Your New Honor Points total will be the sum of the following amounts:

  • Old Honor * 0.024
  • Old Arena Points * 0.85
  • Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976
  • Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08
  • Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6
  • Venture Coin * 3
  • Spirit Shard * 1

Your Justice Points total will be equal to (Emblems of Triumph + Emblems of Frost ) * 2.75

Again, the softcap for both Honor and Justice conversions is 4000 points. This means that if a character converts to above 4,000 points, it will not be possible for them to earn more until they fall below the 4,000 cap.

A hardcap will be implemented in a following patch before Cataclysm’s release. At that time, any excess points above 4,000 will be converted as follows:

  • Honor points above 4,000 are converted to gold at a rate of 35 silver per point of Honor.
  • Justice points above 4,000 are converted to gold at a rate of 2 gold per point of Justice

So, not looking too bad, though no clarity yet on what will happen once the hardcap is implemented for those who earn points at the cap (lost, gold, weasels or hamsters?).  How is this going to affect my alt farm, virtually no impact, none of them are anywhere close to the cap.

There is a money making opportunity for those without a need for the points, convert to conquest or lower… profit!

The Tier set in the room

It’s not explicitly stated by any of the blues but the subject of gear has to be considered, this change removes the split between Frost & Triumph and from the mood music I can only assume this means all the current frost level gear is about to be re-priced in Honor points, so the 251 & 264 Frost gear is about to be available to anyone who wants to splash out the points.

Impact, well the gear is about to be junked anyway, once Cata drops we’ll be exchanging our pretty purples from heroic LK and drooling over the pretty quest greens.  What it might do is in the last few weeks of the expansion open up the back end of ICC to a few final groups, allow some people to get in their LK kill for the title and so on.  To the hardcore raiders this devalues their achievement, but to be frank I can tell the quality of a raider from how they perform in a raid not from the quality of their gear or their titles and even with the extra opportunities at gear the backend of ICC is not an easy place to fight, Arthas is a tricksy undead thing and a competent well geared group who’ve taken him down before can spend most of an evening wiping on him.

So, enjoy the purples while they’re still useful, have a pop at those encounters you’ve not cleared and clear out those bags ready for the coming destruction of the world.

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  1. Kayla says:

    On the Beta pretty much all of Kaylad’s shiny purplez (including the ICC drops) have been replaced by quest greens. Now, the stats on some of those may well change between now and Live, but it’s an interesting data point.

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