Let’s hear it for Direbrew!

Only a mad, crazy & drunk dwarf could have put up with the beatings which were dished out to him this holiday without handing in his notice and relocating somewhere more hospitible.  Though to be fair, it was his own fault for spending the year getting rat arsed, swearing about the other dwarves and how no one loves him and then finding more beer.

If he had spent the year working out in ICC like the rest of us then he too could have had the twin joys of beer and shiny plate.

So, Direbrew, here’s to you.  I’ll see you again in 12 months please take it easy on the ale, and work out a bit.

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1 Response to Let’s hear it for Direbrew!

  1. Kayla says:

    I finally got a kodo for Kaylad (I’d’ve preferred a ram, what with her being of the dwarvish persuasion, but a kodo’ll do). Yay! Thank you 🙂 Oh, and got one for Viridi, too! One pug after another and, after two years of trying, that was a welcome surprise.

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