Gold, gold, gold

Ok, my first toon was a dwarf, he remains my main and I see no reason to change unless Blizz do something really really nasty to Paladins making them completely unplayable / unviable for raiding.  If there’s one thing dwarves love more than gold it’s… well nothing actually.  Gold, possibly washed in beer is our reason for living.

So, just how much gold can one player make without too much effort?  Well, the answer as far as I’m concerned is 3,600 in a few days purely from levelling from 76 to 80 (Dragonblight, Stormpeaks & a bit of Icecrown), flogging the greens on the AH and vendoring anything which moves.  I’m expecting to be able to make more from either selling heavy borean leather or the blues I can make from the leather.

Gold falls from the sky in Northrend, levelling is where the easy money between dungeons is to be made for the DPS classes.  Join the queue, do some quests, join the dungeon, romp through, back to questing.

  • Keep your packs as empty as possible
  • Pick up every single grey possible, the gold adds up, if nothing else it covers your repair bill with zero collection risk
  • Run Auctioneer / Enchantrix (or something similar) to compare the raw vendor cost of BoE with the estimated value of the shards.  Drop it on the AH for something which lies between the vendor and shard value.  Easy additional profit (if you have an enchanter then skip the middle man and go straight to the enchanting mats market).
  • If your toon is maxed out in badge gear and you’re not worried about running dungeons later to build Justice points at Level 85 then convert to the mixed colour gems and sell uncut for quick gold before they’re effectively worthless.

All of the above are at the minimal effort, minimum risk end of gold making.  Higher profit margins are definitely possible by learning the exact nature of the AH, what’s selling, what isn’t, where the costs are and so on.  There are plenty of places to learn how to make huge amounts of gold from seriously playing the AH (also known as the raid boss which never resets).  If you’re just after a decent pile of gold to set yourself up for Cataclysm then simply paying attention to the junk in your bank, never leaving free gold lying around and assessing whether you need all those justice points on the alts which won’t be levelled to 85 for a year is well worth the effort.

So go forth, make gold, have no worries about wiping for hours and building a repair bill measured in hundreds of gold, chug flasks, eat the finest food Azeroth can offer.

Make gold the least of your worries in the game.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Dammit – browsing the forums it does indeed appear that the gold cap has been/is being increased to one million gold (minus one copper) – at first there were blue posts saying things like “thanks for brining this to our attention, it will be fixed” and now there are blues posting along the lines of “this is working as intended as the developers get things ready for Cata.” My little entrepreneur has a little more work ahead of her now (currently at less than 20K from the old gold cap 😉

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