Enter the QQ

So in my wisdom I’ve subscribed to the MMO champ RSS feed, stupid me.

One of the first posts is a whine from someone in the US that the EU will be going live first, how this isn’t fair, how this means all the world firsts will go to the EU and so on.  I’m sure I don’t need to link to the post for you to get a firm idea of the content or the followups.

So specially for any readers in the US, I feel for you, if I could magically change the universe so we had a hoop shaped sun which turned on and off (single global timezone) I would.  However in this spinning world we have the flow of light across the land and sea is a fact of live.  Something which I’m very well aware of having to work with people in India, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Canada, the US (Dallas, Seattle) and so on.  Timezones are a pain.

However please don’t forget that for every single damm patch except the initial launch of a new expansion the US gets the content 24 hours ahead of the EU, so please sit back, enjoy the new content (it’s pretty, the mobs hit hard, and by the gods do the 5-man normal bosses punch) and relax a little.

For gods sake people, it’s a damm game.

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