Three weeks to go

So, phase 4 is rolling, tonight I’ll see if I can get that damm rift achievement sorted, but we ripped through all four of the event bosses after cleaning Stormwind.

The quakes continue to get more intense.

MMO Champ reckons that 4.0.3 is dropping in the US today (I had my money on next week), so I’m wondering whether we’re looking at the shattering next week or the week after.  I’m not sure to be honest, if there is more of the event (and it’s pretty frantic now) then it’ll be two weeks from now giving a week between the shattering and Cata dropping.  If however phase 4 is the final phase then I’m reckoning that the shattering will hit this time next week with a ramp down in the cities but possibly stuff happening out in the re-made world (two weeks of running around the new world before things settle into the post-cataclysm levelling frenzy).

(quick check of wowhead)

Ok this is the final phase of the event itself.  So I’m reckoning that we’ll have a week of this before the world shatters, get those final screen shots now!

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