Team Pirate: A proposal

Or more accurately a thought on what we can do on a second batch of alts.

I present…

Team Gnome!

With the advent of 4.0.3a we have the capability to have a functional 5 / 10 setup entirely made of gnomes (no druids, paladins or shamans).  So, for fits, giggles and the honour of gnomekind (and to annoy the horde) we need to have a purely gnome setup to sit alongside Team Pirate, Team Tincan and the (only partly finished) Team Leather (aka all druids).

So, Pirates, what say ye?

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6 Responses to Team Pirate: A proposal

  1. Alan says:

    Hmm, herself and I have lowish level gnomes. And I now have a new PC.

  2. Kayla says:

    I have one gnome (warlock) and plan to race-change at least one other alt when I am able to – next patch! Wheeee! Lakayla gets to shrink…. a lot! (which’ll give us one gnome healer). Might shrink Mal as well while I’m at it. Must refresh my memory on the new class/race combos and see if there’s anything else I can change. I already have mostly dwarves, I could change that to half dwarves and half gnomes with none of those tall buggers around (except for that damned druid!).

  3. korenmolen says:

    I have two gnomes for team gnome – bieslook and neuri.

    Neuri could also double for team leather, unless you want Ness…

    I’m having a lot of fun with frost DK DPS atm – who is my teamtincan candidate.

    Unless you think you can warlock tank, I don’t think we can extend this theme to team Squishyrobe

  4. korenmolen says:

    I have two gnomes, three draenai, two humans, one nelf, one UD and will roll a goblin in a few weeks time.

    I am planning on enrolling my gobbo into Puisne Magick – am happy to join a Team Gobbo on her/him… I was thinking rogue – but I am aware there is the priest/warrior option for tanking/healing…

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