The Shattering

As I write Deathwing and his army of minions (subcontracted out to Blizzard) are busy breaking the world and generally trashing the place.  I also understand there is a crack squad of gnomes with capped engineering following through rebuilding some of the damage and putting in new flight points.

So, what did I do on the last night of the original world?

Firstly Wubbles got Kingslayer, the group (a mix of Nosferatu & ItP people) clicked last night, defile landed in the right place and as everyone who has got the kill knows once that happens he’s as good as dead.

After that blitzed through the final parts of Pilgrim on Korenwolf.  I just couldn’t summon the enthusiasm last year after power levelling cooking on the alts.  However with this title I have the complete set of World Event meta achievements.  There’s a few non-meta achievements left (such as the mask for all occasions on from Hallows End) which I’ll womble through as they come round, however I think I just mark that part of the OCD grind as “Mission Acomplished”.

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