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Love is in the bug report

This week the bundle of joy which is 4.0.6 lands on the servers, weighing in at 12,643 words (and that’s just the patch notes) it’s not a minor update.  There are many changes, every class has something to adjust to, … Continue reading

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I didn’t see that one coming (4.0.6 patch notes)

“Level-85 normal dungeon bosses dropping Justice Points — 30 justice points are awarded for normal level-85 dungeon boss kills to help with gearing up for heroics.” So what does this mean? Well it’s clear that people simply aren’t running heroics, … Continue reading

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Alliance vs Horde: Cataclysm

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Favourite instance

It’s the time of year to look back and do lists of the good, the bad and the puggy.  So here’s a quick thought on my favourite instance as triggered by today’s WoW Insider article. 5-man content While I didn’t … Continue reading

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Travel in Cataclysm

There have been many miles of text written about how the removal of the portals in Dalaran and Shattrath is a terrible idea and it’s a waste of time travelling around, how Blizzard is evil and so on and so … Continue reading

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A reason to level alchemy

Potion of Deepholm, damn you Blizz, I now need to powerlevel Engineering and Alchemy to 525. That and spend the money for a Kirin Tor ring for my main. Actually I think I need to spend some time with a … Continue reading

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It’s been only a week, in which I have played the game possibly more than is reasonable.  Our mains have reached 85, the tag team paladin wrecking ball didn’t find anything in the questing content yet which was a blocker … Continue reading

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