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4.0.1: Feral tanking

Shamelessly swiped from the Friday Flowchart

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So, that’s it, goodbye

To my treeform, I heal therefore I shapeshift!  Dammit Blizz, give me back my treeform, I’ve not logged into warcrack since 4.0.1 dropped (I’m not sure the realms are up yet) but I’m missing my proper healing form already. The … Continue reading

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What do we want?

Treeform! When do we want it? All the time!!

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Giant trees

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Cataclysm: Fashion disasters

Straight from the catwalks of Darnassus we have… Beetle Druid!

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Adventures in fur

Enough guildies on for a change (the summer interfers with WoW something terribble) to get a few non-pug heroics rolling.  One of which was with my new bear spec, I’m settling into the role better now, starting to work out … Continue reading

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