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It’s not dead it’s just resting

This is pretty much how I’m feeling about LFD at the moment, anything other than certain normals are simply too much pain with a group which I don’t have a connection and more importantly voice comms running. So if you’re … Continue reading

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Also known as the mating call of the “lesser spotted dps”, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this sub-species of DPS hasn’t learnt yet that while potentially attracting other DPS mates it is the equivalent of nails on the blackboard to all … Continue reading

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5-man content

Bold is content The Bucaneers have cleared (in various mixes and with help from our friendly Naxx geared rogue) 1. Utgarde Keep 2. The Nexus 3. Violet Hold 4. Drak’tharon Keep 5. Gundrak 6. The Culling of Stratholme 7. Halls … Continue reading

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