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It’s been only a week, in which I have played the game possibly more than is reasonable.  Our mains have reached 85, the tag team paladin wrecking ball didn’t find anything in the questing content yet which was a blocker … Continue reading

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On levelling

All I can say is that it’s a dream.  The quest flow is smooth, controlled, the amount of meaningless travel back and forth is gone, the addition of the new flightpoints improves travel massively.  Rather than running / riding between … Continue reading

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I appear to have provoked a “discussion”

I read dear_gnome, reasonable quality rants and a reminder that in general my realm is one of the better ones out there in the EU.  A lower level of moronic behaviour and reasonably nice people, the same is true for … Continue reading

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Cataclysm, why I won’t be using heirlooms

There have been many words written in the period prior to 4.0.1 and since on heirlooms, how they should have been bought before the grand restructuring of the badge currency system.  How many players are going to be dropping them … Continue reading

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Levelling as Protection

So I’m back into my levelling comfort zone, bringing a baby tank into the world but with all the experience I’ve built on a raiding tankadin and what I’ve picked up from tanking with both my DK and furball of … Continue reading

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