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Seen today. “If the innocent have nothing to fear, why waste millions of pounds seeing what they’re doing?” I think that does a pretty good job of summing it up.

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Facebook is at it again

http://www.eweekeurope.co.uk/news/critics-bash-facebook-for-sharing-phone-numbers-18274 The line here is simple, trust Facebook with nothing which you are not entirely happy making public to the entire world.  If you don’t want it shared, remove it from FB asap.    

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Real ID, next steps

I’ve previously discussed my general thoughts around Real ID, the problems with it and some of the motivations which were driving Blizzard.  I do not actually ascribe malicious intent to Blizzard or Activision.  I know this goes against the received … Continue reading

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Google Latitude, it’s cool technology, I have nothing to dispute there.  It’s the technology and capability my teenage self dreamt of.  Today I got an invitation to share my location with someone I know (someone who I do count as … Continue reading

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Online information & security

Another day, another information horror story of sorts. Someone has stuck a bot crawling Facebook for public information, collated it into a nicely presented format and slapped it up on a torrent for downloading.  Let’s look at the impact of … Continue reading

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Real ID, some blue updates

Another day, another update on Real ID (Updated Blue on Real ID), Let’s look at some of the interesting points. Addons A bit of a dodge here by Blizz, apparently as long as you don’t install an addon designed to … Continue reading

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Real ID, the battle is over

For the moment. Things have had a chance to calm down and settle though the rumblings are continuing, rather like the earthquakes we’re getting in the build up to Cataclysm. I’m hoping that it isn’t a portent of what is … Continue reading

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