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Tol Barad

Unsurprisingly the 1800 honour for a win has been nerfed, there will be a day, a glorious day when Blizz remember that their customers are not all drooling morons and can spot how to min/max a given mechanic they’ve been … Continue reading

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Dishonourable PvP

Picking up on a subject from MMO melting pot / Deuwowlity A little background, I’m definitely a PvE player, on a PvE / RP server in the EU.  I do go toe to toe with the horde face mashing but … Continue reading

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Invasion event QQ

Well it had to start at some point, the bitching about “I’m bored with them already” http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1063356361 I’m of the opinion that Blizz have learnt from the Scourge event, in that there was enforced PvP, cities were made completely unsable … Continue reading

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