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Thought for the day

When raiding isn’t working, we’re wiping too much not signing so that the group has even less options and is getting even less progress is massively counter productive. That is all.

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Recruitment drive

It’s been a while since my last decent update but things have been happening in game and out. However the focus of today’s piece of crafted stuff is guild recruitment, and particularly.. getting more bodies into the raids I’m leading … Continue reading

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Baradin Hold

A mix of a raiding guild run with the addition of Kaylad wandered into Baradin Hold for the first time (Alliance on my realm is … “ineffective” at PvP) to have a quick look at Pit Lord Argaloth So what … Continue reading

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The slacking alt comes good

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Enter the DestroGnome

I’ve been debating for a while what should be my second toon to pushed through in Cata, the one which gets the solo treatment and probably nearly as much gearing attention as my tanking main.  Based on recent experience with … Continue reading

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Raiding Guilds

It remains a period of change in Warcrack at the moment, with players coming and going, mostly going to be honest.  Yet again I join a guild and one of the core officers drops a few weeks later, so just … Continue reading

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Wrathful endings

I’ve been listening to the WoW.com podcast and they’ve just made a decent point, now is not the time to be farming ICC (or any raid) for gear.  Let’s face it even on the most pessimistic estimates we’ll have a … Continue reading

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