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Fixing LFD

“Fixing” LFD, once again the discussion arises over how to fix LFD and more specifically the behaviour of players using the feature. What are the problems? “Bad” players Refusal to cc, tanks charging in, healers bouncing around spamming their insta-casts … Continue reading

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It’s not dead it’s just resting

This is pretty much how I’m feeling about LFD at the moment, anything other than certain normals are simply too much pain with a group which I don’t have a connection and more importantly voice comms running. So if you’re … Continue reading

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Favourite instance

It’s the time of year to look back and do lists of the good, the bad and the puggy.  So here’s a quick thought on my favourite instance as triggered by today’s WoW Insider article. 5-man content While I didn’t … Continue reading

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