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“Adding new titles is just TOO MUCH WORK”

Continuing some ponderings on the whole Exalted screw up, and adding new titles is not the problem. Achivements as implemented were fundamanetally flawed from the word go, technically the implementation works, add some additional database fields, track what players are … Continue reading

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So… why bother?

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2046835986#4 In 4.0.6 an unannounced change landed which removed “Exalted” from anyone who had the original achievement, requiring that a total of 50 reps are now needed. So, why bother grinding all those reputations to re-aquire a title which had … Continue reading

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Does age affect your gameplay?

Just in from the Melting Pot, does your age affect your ability to play the game? My opinion, no. I’m guessing a little expansion on my response might be called for, firstly a datapoint or three.  I know within the … Continue reading

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Love is in the bug report

This week the bundle of joy which is 4.0.6 lands on the servers, weighing in at 12,643 words (and that’s just the patch notes) it’s not a minor update.  There are many changes, every class has something to adjust to, … Continue reading

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I didn’t see that one coming (4.0.6 patch notes)

“Level-85 normal dungeon bosses dropping Justice Points — 30 justice points are awarded for normal level-85 dungeon boss kills to help with gearing up for heroics.” So what does this mean? Well it’s clear that people simply aren’t running heroics, … Continue reading

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Fixing LFD

“Fixing” LFD, once again the discussion arises over how to fix LFD and more specifically the behaviour of players using the feature. What are the problems? “Bad” players Refusal to cc, tanks charging in, healers bouncing around spamming their insta-casts … Continue reading

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It’s not dead it’s just resting

This is pretty much how I’m feeling about LFD at the moment, anything other than certain normals are simply too much pain with a group which I don’t have a connection and more importantly voice comms running. So if you’re … Continue reading

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