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Review: TP-Link Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter

The problem, a house which is ~250 years old, with at least 100 years of DIY slapped on top, some network cabling retrofitted on top of that and 2′ thick walls which are a right pain to drill holes through.  … Continue reading

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Review: Clash of the Titans (2010 version)

Right, firstly this is not the classic Harryhausen from 1981, the plot and story have been changed, I would need to go off and do some research to see which is the most faithful to the underlying mythology. This is … Continue reading

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Review: Vitax Pepper Dust

As with all reviews, this is a personal opinion from my experiences, your experience may / will vary. Unfortunately this isn’t a positive review, as the dust hasn’t managed to shift a particularly persistent moggie or two from a patch … Continue reading

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