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A statement from your tanks

This is a statement I can sign up to, I’ve been avoiding PUGs on my tank like the proverbial plague.  Simply put I’m going to let a bunch of dps who just want to concentrate on their rotation ruin the … Continue reading

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Baradin Hold

A mix of a raiding guild run with the addition of Kaylad wandered into Baradin Hold for the first time (Alliance on my realm is … “ineffective” at PvP) to have a quick look at Pit Lord Argaloth So what … Continue reading

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4.0.1 Paladin tanking

Ok, so how are things shaping up now that the hotfix cycle on top of 4.0.1 is almost complete (cog of doom patch arrived yesterday). Well it’s different, my run up style has changed, post wipe my routine was Zone … Continue reading

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Bunny Tank

Let there be fear, let there be ghosts, goblins, ghouls (nice people, they’ve a shop in the undercity), abominations (prejudice I call it). Let them all run from the terror which is a tank in bunny ears.

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4.0.1: Feral tanking

Shamelessly swiped from the Friday Flowchart

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Cataclysm Beta: Experiments in tanking – Blackrock Caverns

Firstly I would like to say, “ouch, that hurt”. Korvenwolf is currently geared in a mix of levelling greens and ICC25 264/277 kit, so I’m not sure how much of the problems I was seeing were down to non-ideal itemisation.  … Continue reading

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Raiding Guilds

It remains a period of change in Warcrack at the moment, with players coming and going, mostly going to be honest.  Yet again I join a guild and one of the core officers drops a few weeks later, so just … Continue reading

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